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Sleep Coaching Services

Why work with a Sleep Consultant?

There are many sleep programs and methods available to parents, but they may not be the best fit for your child. Why?
Because every child is unique... and every family dynamic is unique.
Working with Debbie will allow her to take a comprehensive look at your child's sleep, sleep environment, sleep routines, development, temperament, and medical history. She will use the assessment of all of this information in combination with your parenting philosophies and goals for your child to create solutions that are individualized and realistic for you and your family.
The most beneficial part of working with Debbie is having someone to support you and walk with you through the sleep coaching journey. Together, with the use of gentle methods, your child will go from struggling with sleep to sleeping independently! That means better sleep for the entire family!

Our sleep coaching journey takes you from


  • baby/child struggling at sleep time

  • hours of trying to get child to sleep

  • nights filled with many wakings

  • you & your child not getting enough sleep

  • sleep deprivation affecting ability to manage through the day


  • baby/child easily falling asleep independently

  • enjoying the evening after putting your child to sleep

  • child (and you) sleeping through the night

  • everyone getting the amount of sleep they need

  • spending the day enjoying your little one feeling rested and restored

Our sleep coaching journey includes:


A comprehensive questionnaire, sleep log, and video consultation to look at all aspects of your child's sleep, development, and temperament as well as  your sleep goals and parenting philosophies


We will discuss options and create an individualized plan together that best suits you and your family. The plan will include how to approach bedtime, naps, wakings, and any other sleep struggles


To help you feel like we are "in this together", you will be supported through the journey based on the package you choose. This support also allows for a "tweaking" of the process based on how your child responds.

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Sleep Coaching Packages

These packages are created to give you options that best fit the amount of support and time needed to help you achieve your sleep goals for your child. With ongoing emails, coaching calls, an interactive log, and wonderful educational resources, you will feel informed, confident, and supported every step of the way!

Basic Sleep Package

2 Weeks


This package is great for the parents who need an individualized plan for their child with support being used for tweaking or troubleshooting. 

60 minute consultation

Evaluation of child's sleep

Written sleep plan

2 follow-up phone calls (15 min. each)

2 weeks of emails for quick questions

2 month access to sleep/parenting educational video library

Premium Sleep Package
4 Weeks ~Most Popular~


This package is for the exhausted parents who need an individualized plan for their child as well as help and support as they implement the plan. 

90 minute consultation

Evaluation of child's sleep

Written sleep plan

4 follow-up phone calls (15 min. each)

Unlimited emails/voice app. for quick questions

Interactive log during sleep coaching

2 month access to sleep/parenting educational video library


items can be added to any package

* Add a twin: $75 (extra consult time and evaluation)

*Add sibling: $250 (extra consult time and evaluation)

*Add calls as needed at client rate of $35/15 minutes

*Add additional week of email support and 1 follow-up phone call: $135/week or additional 2 weeks of email support and 2 follow up calls for $230/2 weeks

*Additional support through text/voice app during the day or through the night available upon request.

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Sleep Strategy Sessions

These phone call sessions are great if you have specific questions related to your child's sleep and/or you need advice for bumps in the road or new challenges (transitioning to a toddler bed, transitioning from two naps to one, transitioning from one nap to quiet time, time changes, travel, etc.). They are also a life-line for parents who have previously completed a package and may need help for bumps in the road or helping your child get back on track after a sleep regression, travel, illness, etc. (see client rate below ).

30 Minute 

Mini- Session


30 minute phone call to discuss any sleep concerns for newborn through 6 years of age.

No follow-up support

$70 for returning parents who have previously completed a package 

1 Hour 



60 minute phone or video session

to discuss any sleep concerns and strategies that are specific for the child

Verbal sleep plan

2 emails within a week

Are you unsure about which package is right for you and your child?

Schedule a free 15 minute call and we can talk about what is the right fit for your needs.

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