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Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation

Begin your journey to a well-rested family by scheduling your free 15 minute phone consultation. We will discuss your child's sleep struggles and determine which services would best suit your needs. This is an opportunity to explore options for your family and there is no obligation.


Expecting Parents Consultation

This consultation is great for expecting parents who want to learn more about newborn sleep and ways to lay down a healthy sleep foundation right from the start. This consultation will cover the basics of sleep, sleep development in infants, appropriate sleep environments, gentle shaping strategies and techniques to begin a great sleep foundation, and coping skills for those first few months. This is a great opportunity to get all of your questions answered about sleep so you are ready for baby's arrival. 

  • Includes 1.5 hour in-home or video/phone consult plus 2 follow up phone calls (15 min each) once your baby is born.

Investment: $195

Newborn Sleep Shaping  Consultation

0-5 months

While your baby is not developmentally ready for formal sleep coaching, there are many things that can be done to optimize and support your baby's developing sleep.

Laying a healthy sleep foundation now by utilizing sleep shaping tools and coping strategies during these early months can help baby transition into effective daytime and nighttime sleep without needing formal sleep coaching once developmentally ready.

All techniques and strategies given are breastfeeding and attachment-friendly to be respectful to you and your baby, especially during these early months.


  • In-depth assessment of intake form and 5-day feeding/sleeping log

  • Review of your child's temperament, sleep environment, and other factors that affect a child's ability to sleep well

  • 1.5 hour consultation that includes information about the science of sleep and the developmental and nutritional needs of your baby. 

  • Strategies and tips on working through any current sleep issues will also be discussed and individualized for your baby

  • 2 Follow-up phone calls (15-20 minutes each)

  • Additional follow-up support can be added

Investment: $195

Comprehensive Sleep Package

5 months - 6 years

This package provides one month of support as we work together to achieve your sleep goals for your child.  Some things that are worked on will show results quickly, where other things require more time. Having four weeks together allows for long lasting changes from an approach that is gentle and respectful. Follow-up calls and daily log commenting allow parents to feel supported and stay motivated on this journey where not only the child is learning, but the parents are learning and gaining  confidence in approaching sleep and parenting.

This package includes:

  • In-depth assessment of intake form and 3 day feeding/sleeping log

  • Review of your child's temperament, sleep environment, and other factors that affect a child's ability to sleep well

  • 1.5 hour consultation via video conferencing to review assessment and create a plan based on your specific goals

  • Customized sleep plan and summary of our consultation

  • Daily review of the feeding/sleeping log during the sleep coaching process

  • 2 hours of follow-up phone support over 4 weeks

  • A "Maintaining Progress and Success" packet provided at the end of our time together which will help your child stay on track through those bumps in the road like growth spurts, illness, travel, etc.

Investment: $695

If you have only a few small sleep goals that are needed to be worked on, a smaller package will be created to accommodate less time together.

Sleep Advice Consultation

This consultation is 60 minutes of sleep expert advice. General sleep education and information is provided during this consultation. It is perfect for parents who have specific questions or need guidance with a specific area like challenging naps, early rising, transitioning from two naps to one, etc. We will cover as much information as possible on our phone call to help get you where you want to be with your child's sleep.

Investment: $100

Additional  Services



Have more than one child struggling with sleep? Add a child at the time of purchasing a package and get the whole family sleeping well!


Additional Phone Support

 Perfect for parents who choose the Basic Sleep Consultation and then decide later they would like extra support during the sleep coaching process.,

Total time purchased is 60 minutes.

$100/4 calls

Overnight Text Support

Premium support for parents who want “real time” guidance during the sleep coaching process throughout the night. Perfect for those first few nights!

12 hours of on-call support.

$200/12 hours

Loyal Family Discount

For families who I have worked with before, I offer a 10% discount on any future consultation or package purchased..

10% Discount

For more information on these services or to purchase a service, 

visit the contact page.

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