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Happy Sleepers


"Working with sleep deprived families to help them transform their lives so they can be well-rested and able to enjoy life's sweet moments is truly a blessing. Whether it is providing sleep coaching to help a child learn how to be an independent sleeper or providing night infant care so that parents can get quality sleep as they transition to life with a new little one, I am grateful for these families who trust me with what is most precious to them."

~ Debbie Gerken

We met Debbie when my son was 10 months old and had been sleeping in our bed for 7 of those months.  We had not planned on bed-sharing before he was born but with two working parents it wasn’t possible to get enough sleep otherwise. He was starting to get older, bigger, and less reliant on us to get to sleep at night and we were hoping to regain our bed and our sleep. 

            Debbie was wonderful to work with and provided a lot of guidance and support throughout the entire process. She spent a lot of time getting to know all three of us and what our preferences and goals for the process were. She set great expectations and allowed us to work at our own pace while still following the plan we had created together.  She made herself available to us at all hours of the day and night especially in the beginning of the process when we had the most questions. She was supportive, nonjudgmental, and very encouraging during the entire process. 

            Now thankfully our son is sleeping through the night and in his own room. We are also confident that we will be able to handle any sleep issues that arise in the future. 

Clayton's Mommy and Daddy, 10 months old

Debbie provided intensive support and guidance to us during some difficult sleep challenges with our daughter. At every step, Debbie went above and beyond to address my concerns and anxieties and to craft approaches that took into account our specific challenges and our baby's personality. There are many books out there on baby sleep; but having a plan tailored to fit your baby, your parenting style, and your particular issues is priceless -- as is the level of encouragement that comes with Debbie's expertise. Teaching my daughter to sleep independently has been both an important bonding experience and an accomplishment for us. I cannot speak highly enough of Debbie's services and her results!

Nora's Mommy and Daddy, 6 months old

Debbie is amazing! My husband and I both learned so much from her sleep training. She helped us go from 4 night wakings (up to an hour or two each time), and our son screaming and crying himself to sleep and hitting his head against his crib, to sleeping through the night and going to sleep peacefully and calmly without shedding any tears. He's also so much happier and more fun because he's getting better sleep. I cannot recommend her anymore. She's so responsive and caring and helpful!!!

Declan's Mommy and Daddy, 20 months old

We worked with Debbie to get our 9 month old boy to sleep through the night and nap better. We were still feeding him to sleep 2-3 times a night before we started which left us tired and stressed. We knew a lot about sleep training before we started, but we couldn't stick to something consistently which only made our baby more upset. She helped us stay consistent and find a schedule that worked with his natural rhythms. We feel a lot more confident about putting him to bed and napping and we're all sleeping better and are much happier. I'm so happy we reached out to Debbie and would recommend her to all my friends that need any sleep help!

Lee's Mommy and Daddy, 9 months old

Debbie is hands down the best sleep coach out there. She's knowledgeable and very encouraging. She helped get my youngest two kids' sleep on track. My preschooler had the most amazing transformation -- she went from being from a hot moody mess 24/7 to sleep coaching with Debbie and now she's back to her sweet happy self! Debbie also utilizes sleep logs which we absolutely loved because of her feedback and support. We also love the gentle sleep methods she taught us and helped us apply.

I cannot say enough good things about Debbie and could not recommend any one more than her to help others get their children's sleep on track.

Levi and Kailey's Mommy and Daddy, 6 months old/3 years old

Debbie helped us all get some sleep! The approach she takes is super gentle and we took small steps each day to get to our goal. Our baby seemed to barely notice the small changes and overall it was relatively simple. She was with us every step of the way, even when we all caught a bad cold we put it on hold to meet the babies current needs. I would recommend Debbie to anyone who needs help getting a baby to sleep well!

Skyler's Mommy and Daddy, 6 months old

When Debbie came into our life, we were sleep deprived and experiencing an overall decline in physical and mental capacity. Despite everything we tried through our own research, our little one was not napping or sleeping consistently at night. By the end of our time with Debbie, our baby was napping and sleeping through the night. If he woke up, he was now able to put himself back to sleep. Having good quality sleep back in our lives is priceless and we will be forever grateful. 

Debbie was kind, patient, timely, and thorough. She was always available and provided us with the tools to successfully help our baby learn how to sleep without stress or anxiety. 

Thank you for everything Debbie!

Oliver's Mommies, 12 months old

Debbie is seriously a baby whisperer! 

Debbie had come highly recommended through a friend at our older sons preschool. I was 8 months pregnant and beginning to feel the stress of how I would juggle 3 kiddos, running my Interior Design Business with little to NO SLEEP. I knew I needed help and Debbie was the prefect answer. She immediately fit right into our family and made us feel extremely comfortable through the whole process. Debbie was helpful in so many ways, she not only allowed us to get full night’s sleep but gradually helped sleep train our little man when he was ready, she gave us tips that helped our sons reflux and tummy issues and provided a written report of the night’s events in the morning. Debbie is extremely warm, friendly, loving, gentle, caring and very well-knowledged in infant and child care. She became an extension of our family while she worked with our son and are so grateful for all the support she provided us in the first 6 months of his life. 

Braylon's Mommy and Daddy, newborn night care

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