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Are you wondering

if you will ever sleep again?

Are you tired of being sleep deprived? Do you feel like you have read everything, tried everything, and listened to all of the advice and your child STILL struggles with falling asleep, staying asleep and napping?

If this is you, you have come to the right place!

Let's get you and your little one sleeping better!

Regain your sleep so you can enjoy this precious time watching your little one grow!
Working together will take you from trying to survive the exhaustion, frustration of bedtime and naps, and overwhelm of how to remedy the sleep struggles to feeling well-rested, energized, and empowered to get the sleep you and your little one needs!

Hello! I'm Debbie

I am a mom, wife, certified registered nurse with NICU experience, and a certified pediatric sleep consultant. I love sleep and I love supporting families to help them find solutions that best fit their family.


Your sleep coaching journey starts here!

Sleep looks different to every family. Parents can have different expectations and different goals for how and where their child sleeps.


There are different options for working on optimizing sleep for your newborn - 6 years old.

Dedicated to changing the lives of sleep deprived families

What parents are saying ...

Debbie is absolutely amazing! She helped us make sure our daughter was getting the rest she needed, which in turn made her a happier baby and much happier parents! Her tips and tricks worked like a charm, and is a real pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend her enough, and what a difference she has made in our lives. Thank you Debbie!!
Debbie has been a blessing to our family. After a new baby, and multiple moves due to a renovation, our 22 mo old's nap situation was out of control. After trying troubleshooting on our own, working with another consultant, and even (embarrassing to admit) crying it out, we were at a total loss. Then we connected with Debbie. Within days we saw changes to our son's napping habits and now, he successfully and independently naps on his own, in his own room, and is happy to go down to sleep. Aside from the depth of knowledge of early childhood development, a medical/nursing background, and being a professional sleep consultant, Debbie is one of those truly special people who cares simply because that's who she is. The amount of time, patience, attentiveness, and responsiveness given to our family was paramount to none. She provides a tailored, individualized approach to each family and thinks about the whole child, while in the context of the family. We are so grateful to have found Debbie and recommend her in the highest regard to any family struggling with sleep.
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