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As many as 1 0ut of 4 families are affected by the struggles of sleep deprivation. This lack of sleep can be caused when one or more children in the family are unable to sleep well and/or when their is a new addition to the family.

Surprisingly to many, sleep is a learned skill and parents must be teach this to children. How to approach teaching a child to fall asleep, stay asleep, and get back to sleep in the middle of the night seems daunting to most parents.

With support, it doesn't have to be!!

If traditional "cry-it-out" methods are not in accordance with your parenting philosophies, Gentle Sleep Coaching is the answer. Gentle Sleep Coaching considers the child's development, attachment, and emotional intelligence. Together, we can create a customized sleep plan that best fits the needs of your family.

When a new little bundle of joy comes home, parents are filled with so many emotions, such as happiness, nervousness, joy, and amazement. Feelings of being overwhelmed set in once they are home and now are taking care of the baby 24-hours a day. Sleep deprivation soon kicks in and the mother's recovery and the parent's transition to parenthood become affected. 

With support, this doesn't have to be!!!

With the support of a newborn night nurse, parents are able to get several nights of solid, peaceful sleep. This in turn, allows them to cope and manage the day to day tasks involved with having a newborn.

As a Registered Nurse Certified in Neonatal ICU, I care for newborns in the home so that parent's can rest knowing their baby is being cared for by a professional nurse. This service is especially useful for families who do not have support locally, who have twins or triplets, who have had a difficult pregnancy and delivery, and/or who feel that their sleep deprivation is causing their enjoyment of their new little one to be compromised. With me as your newborn night nurse, I can help you on the journey to better sleep!

"Debbie was wonderful to work with and provided a lot of guidance and support throughout the entire process...She spent a lot of time getting to know all three of us and what our preferences and goals for the process were. She set great expectations and allowed us to work at our own pace while still following the plan we had created together. She was supportive, nonjudgmental, and very encouraging

during the entire process. 

            Now thankfully our son is sleeping through the night and in his own room."

                                                                                        ~ CS's Mom and Dad

 Journey to Better Sleep with
 Gentle Sleep Coaching

Free Initial Phone Consultation

During this 15 minute free consultation, you have an opportunity to share your child's sleep story and learn how I can help you reach your sleep goals for your child.

History and Assessment

Once we start on this journey together, I will send you a comprehensive form to obtain information regarding your child's unique developmental, medical, and sleep journey. I will also have you log your child's feeding/sleeping schedule for several days.

Sleep Plan Consultation

Once I review the history form and feeding/sleeping log, we will have a 1.5 -2 hour consultation (either in-home or through video conferencing)which will allow me to ask further questions to get the best possible picture of your child. Together, we will create a customized sleep plan reflecting your child's development, 

temperament, attachment, as well as your parenting style.

Support and


Once you begin the sleep plan with your child, I will support you through this process through daily log reviews and follow-up phone calls. This support is proven to increase consistency and confidence in the process and it allows for an opportunity to make individualized adjustments as necessary.

We are truly a team in this sleep journey!

Sleep Coaching Services

~ In-Home Consultations Serving Central Florida ~

~ Video Conferencing Consultations Nationwide ~

 Journey to Better Sleep with
 Newborn Night Nurse Services

Free Initial Phone Consultation

During this 15 minute free consultation, you have an opportunity to share your specific support needs for when your new little one arrives. I will share with you how I can best help you recover and transition to parenthood through the gift of sleep!

Night Nursing Care for your Newborn

I will care for your newborn in your home while you sleep. The shifts are generally 10pm-6am although specific requests will be considered. 

Book ahead based on your due date to assure availability.

Care for multiples is also available.

This service is for the Central Florida Region only.


Newborn Night Nurse Services Serving Central Florida

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