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Dedicated to changing the lives of sleep deprived families

Every child is unique. Every family is unique in their dynamics, goals, and philosophies. Therefore, approaching sleep struggles requires a plan that is tailored to the specific child and one that best suits the family.


With my years of experience as a Certified Registered Nurse in Neonatal ICU, Certified Pediatric Gentle Sleep Consultant, and a mom of 3, I have acquired many strategies and approaches to enable me to identify and individualize the best approach towards helping a child become an independent sleeper.

My sleep work is in alignment with the optimal well-being of the child respecting their health, development, bonding and attachment, and overall mental health. Together with the parents, we create realistic, age appropriate expectations and an emotionally supportive sleep coaching plan that is in alignment with the temperament and needs of the child as well as the parents own parenting style.

Personalized coaching has allowed me to help reduce anxiety related to sleep, create confident, independent sleepers, and improve sleep for the entire family.

Let's talk and get your family on the journey to better sleep!

Debbie Gerken RNC-NICU

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Sleep Coaching Services

My goal is to educate, support, and guide parents so that sleep for the entire family can be optimized.

Whether you are expecting or new parents looking for guidance on how to establish a solid sleep foundation for your little one or parents of a child who is struggling with sleep, there are a variety of package options to choose from that will best suit your family.

I work with families virtually all over the United States!

Newborn Night Nurse 


I provide professional night infant care in your home so that parents can get the rest needed to make the transition to life with their new little one that much easier.

This service is most beneficial for :

  • First time parents

  • Parents of multiples

  • Parents of a premature infant

  • Mothers recovering from a  c-section

  • Dual career families

  • Parents who do not have family close-by


Are sleepless nights affecting you, your work, and/or your personal life?

I have met hundreds of parents who had sleep deprivation negatively affect their lives. Read what some of these parents have to say about working with me as we optimized sleep for the entire family either through sleep coaching or night infant care.


Whether providing sleep consulting or night infant care, I care for the family in a non-judgmental, nurturing way. My goal is to meet a family where they are at and to support and guide them to better sleep. 

Want to learn how I can help you? Contact me to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation.

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Dedicated to changing the lives of sleep deprived families


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