Newborn Night Nurse Services

As a Certified Registered Nurse in Neonatal ICU for over 25 years, I have provided education and support to many families during challenging times. With my passion for supporting families and caring for newborns and infants, I began working in homes caring for babies at night so that parents can get some much needed sleep.

Sleep deprivation is real and often prolongs postpartum recovery and leads to feelings of irritability and sadness during a time when parents should be enjoying the excitement of having a new little bundle of joy!

Having infant care at night so that mom and dad can rest peacefully knowing that their baby is being lovingly cared for by a professional nurse can make all the difference.

Night Nursing Care includes, but is not limited to:

feeding and burping

changing diapers

umbilical cord and circumcision care

breastfeeding support

swaddling and soothing

sterilizing/washing and preparing bottles

monitoring infant throughout the night

documenting all infant related activities and comments on a night activity log sheet kept in the baby's personalized notebook

supporting and educating parents

With Sleep Like a Baby Consulting, you receive personalized care with me as your nurse, unlike working with an agency where you may have many different nurses over the week.

Night services are typically from 10pm-6am, but can be adjusted to meet the needs of the family. A minimum of 8 hours per shift is required. You can customize the amount of days per week you would like to schedule, and it is based on availability.

To ensure availability, it is encouraged to contact me while you are in the 2nd or 3rd trimester. However, accommodations will be attempted even if your baby has already arrived or is several weeks old. Care for multiples is also available.

This service is only available in the Central Florida Region.

An in-person interview is encouraged and can be scheduled during the phone consultation. 

To schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation,

book online today!

Gift Certificates are available and make a great baby shower gift! 


For more information regarding fees, availability, and gift certificates, 

contact me today!

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